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Above & Beyond @ The Great Saltair SLC ‘Get Lucky’ St. Patricks day event 3.22.14 

"Need love?"

"Everyone needs love."

"Leave this place with more friends than you arrived with."

"There’s love."

Above & Beyonds music saved my life when I thought I couldn’t handle staying here anymore. I thought it was the end for me, but I discovered their music and it helped me get through so much.

Last night I experienced the best thing in the world. I had waited over four years to see A&B, and I finally got to last night. When they started playing Sun & Moon, tears started coming out of my eyes. A girl walked up to me and said I was the most beautiful person that she had ever seen, and I lost it. I could not stop crying because I was so happy. I had never once cried out of happiness in my life but last night it happened. Thank you Above & Beyond, for everything that your music has done for me and my friends. Thank you for connecting me with people all over the world. Thank you for saving my life.

Above and Beyond. So beautiful…

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